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Privacy, Please: Window Covering Roundup

Privacy, Please: Window Covering Roundup

Custom window coverings not only add the option of privacy, but always take a room to the next level.  There are endless possibilities of mixing and matching fabrics and tape trims to acheive any style you want. We revisted some of our favorite examples used in past projects and discuss some of our tricks and tips when it comes to flawless window coverings.

Drapery panels

  • Hang the curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window frame to create an illusion of height
  • Choose drapery hardware to compliment the other design elements in your room
  • You can add simple shades in addition to the drapery panels for easy privacy in a bedroom or exposed living room
  • Have fun with the accents – use a tape trim vertically or horizontally to add color and detail

Cafe curtains

  • Great option for when you need privacy but want to let in light and cannot use drapery panels
  • Make sure to tell your seamstress or workroom to use the classic pinch pleat (seen below) as it gives you the most high-end look
  • These are a more afforable option than panels since you use a lot less fabric


  • Cornices have returned as a stylish alternative to curtains or shades
  • Work with your seamstress to create a fun shape, like the scalloped edge below
  • Add drama and interest to a space

Roman shades

  • Roman shades offer the most versatility and can be used in every room in the house
  • Like drapery panels, you can choose coordinating tape trim to bring the overall design together
  • Use both curtains and roman shades in a space in a matching fabric
  • In a bedroom, line the shades with blackout fabric for sleeping in


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