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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Ceiling Fan Roundup

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Ceiling Fan Roundup

Living at the beach provides endless perks but let’s face it, it gets hot. Like, really hot. Even with your air conditioning cranking, a ceiling fan adds that fresh, moving air to cool off your space year round.  We almost always incorporate ceiling fans into our coastal interior design projects, whether it’s in the master bedroom, a back porch or a living room with vaulted ceilings. As a bonus, many ceiling fans these days are just as beautiful as they are practical. We’ve rounded up our favorite ceiling fans here, all of which can be ordered through online retailers linked below.

1. With a sculptural feel, this funky fan works well in a bedroom, like the son’s bedroom at #clientbowfinlane.

2. We’re excited to use this gorgeous ceiling fan in our current project, #clientfortfisherboulevard. Stay tuned for photos of this stunner installed in their oceanfront living room!

3. For an alternative to a wood finish, this acrylic ceiling fan provides fresh air without taking up much visual space. We love this option in a bedroom or living area.

4. Ceiling fans on a covered porch are crucial here in Wilmington and this is our top pick for outdoor spaces.

5. This ceiling fan is small but mighty. Its modern lines and walnut and bronze details make it feel like a special feature of the room instead of a necessary item.

6. With a simple but still contemporary design, this fan is a versatile and classic option for all spaces.



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