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Interior Design Space Planning (Before and After)

Interior Design Space Planning (Before and After)

Space planning is—some would say—the most important element of interior design. It determines how you actually live in your space.

With two kids in the house and a neighborhood full of friends, our client’s existing space was no longer working. The entire space plan needed to be reoriented and refreshed.

So, when we began #clientshandyavenue, we started with a new layout to see what their open concept could really do for this family:

Functional Interior Design Room Reorientation Gathered

The island originally faced the window, but we knew that a reorientation would open up the kitchen perfectly into the family room.

Gathered Interior Design Kitchen Transformation

The bay window became a bright, fresh breakfast nook.

The kitchen island could stay but it needed to turn 90 degrees.

Finally, we gave the fireplace a facelift to modernize the space.

Gathered Living Room Design Before And After

Size matters—and custom furniture pieces can maximize a space.

The breakfast room table and family room sectional were tailor-made for this family and this home. We were able to get down to the inches on specifications!

Gathered Kitchen Reorientation Interior Design

When you’re considering a renovation, think big. And—without tearing down any walls—consider reorienting what is already in the space!

Gathered Living Room Function Reorientation Interior Design

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    Planning, organization, and a clear vision are key to making home renovation easy. Start by creating a detailed plan, budget, and timeline. Research and hire reliable contractors. Prioritize tasks and tackle one room at a time. Remember to take breaks, stay flexible, and enjoy the process. Your dream home awaits!

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