What does fresh design mean to you?

The Gathered Interior Design Process

The Gathered Interior Design Process

A beautiful, well-structured design process leads to a beautiful, well-structured outcome.

We LOVE a thoughtful, well-made experience—and we know that our clients do as well. We’ve built a design process that layers in as much efficiency as possible…along with high-level personalization, excellent customer service, and the joy of good design.

What should you expect as a client? Here’s a preview:

Meet the Team
Meet The Team Gathered Interior Design

Initial Phone Call

This was the phone call you may have already had with Morgan Keistler to learn more about the company’s process and for us to learn more about you and your project. It’s the first step.

Initial Consultation

At the in-home consultation with Lindsey Cheek—owner and Principal Designer—and Morgan Keistler, we will dig deeper into your design needs and talk about priorities, budget, and scope of work.

Design Proposal

Following your in-home consultation, we’ll email you a design proposal that reviews what we discussed, details the scope of work, and outlines your payments. Once signed and submitted with a check deposit…we begin to design!


Gathered Group Blueprints Interior Design Process 1

Trade Meetings

This essential step often happens in conjunction with design time. We source trade professionals in the area to fit your project needs and then gather quotes and bids.

Design Time

Depending on the scope of your project, this phase may occur many times throughout the process. Our in-studio presentation includes the design of your home with to-scale layouts and 3D renderings.

We will pull tile, flooring, finishes, fabrics, hardware, lighting, and furniture from our trusted to-the-trade resources.

Pricing & Ordering

Once final design selections are made, Morgan will send you pricing for the goods. Upon payment in full, orders will begin.


Gathered Interior Design Soft Goods Hard Goods Design Process

Hard Goods Installation

The hard goods of a project include flooring, paint and/or wallpaper, light fixtures, and hardware.

As a full-service interior design firm, we will handle all scheduling of the installation—including the trades required to do so. This ensures a timely and cohesive execution.

Install Day: Soft Goods Installation

Once the contract workers are out of the home, we can schedule the installation day. We’ll have been working toward the installation, with furniture already purchased and sent to our local receiving company where it was inspected and stored.

We’ll schedule the delivery, assembly, and placement of your items. We ask that you give us a whole day to do this—or more than one day, depending on the scope of the project.

We’ll place everything, from furniture to accessories, so you can experience that ideal moment—coming home to everything styled and finished.

Next Steps

Gathered Interior Design Process Installation


Ideally, we would love to have your home photographed for our portfolio! Per your consent, we will schedule accordingly.

Ready to take the first step and schedule your initial phone call?
Let’s get started.

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  • Daniel Smith
    | 22 April 2024

    I love how you outlined the entire interior design process step-by-step. It’s refreshing to see such transparency about what clients can expect from concept to completion. The emphasis on collaboration and clear communication is crucial, and you’ve captured that perfectly. As a homeowner planning a redesign, this information is invaluable. Thanks for sharing such detailed insights!

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