What does fresh design mean to you?

Interior Design

For New Construction and Whole Home Renovation

Our process is equal parts artistry and advocacy.

Each step we take is designed to proactively problem solve, anticipate challenges, and protect your investment— while keeping beauty, utility, and comfort at the forefront of every decision.

We collaborate seamlessly with architects and builders, excel at project management, and know all the technical essentials from space-planning and lighting to overseeing construction and custom cabinetry.

Throughout our entire process, we’ll look for opportunities to engage with local artisans and seek out small-batch or custom creations that will make your home entirely unique.

The Gathered HomeHow It All Comes Together


Meet the Team

Our on-site consultation will define the project and allow us to start putting together our initial recommendations and resources. We’ll build your team from our well-vetted, best-in-class list of industry contacts.

We’ve spent years cultivating long-standing relationships with partners we love (and who love us back). Our relationships are the heart of our business— we can’t wait to introduce you and start creating.


Partner + Plan: The Layout

Before we get into the beautiful, we’ll revel in the technical and partner with the architect, contractor, and construction experts to plan your space.

We’ll work directly with the build team to ensure that your home has all the right functionality and flow. And that it’s a perfectly primed canvas for every design element.


Style + Utility: The Hard Goods

We’ll build our design from the inside out starting with the hard goods— anything that touches your floor, ceiling, or walls. Think paint palettes, tile, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, etc.

It’s not just about lovely fixtures and finishes. We’re always considering every angle of the utility you’ll need to live in complete comfort.


Texture + Layer: The Soft Goods

We’ll present a stunning selection of furniture, rugs, accessories, window treatments— and all the additional elements that come together to make a home.

Our favorite thing is delighting clients with eclectic texture, fresh patterns, and luxurious (yet durable) materials that mix and match in unexpected ways.


Stress-Free Next Steps: Project Management

Honestly, we won’t even outline it here. There’s so much that we do…so many lists and spreadsheets! We know this part is technical— but our reputation is built on our cohesive structured approach. We know what to do and when to do it. We’ll keep you informed but never overwhelmed.

We’ll take care of everything!


Perfect + Reveal: Installation

We’ll be on site to oversee your installation and stay close to every detail.

We also provide those small personal touches that create a sense of true luxury—everything from dishcloths and tableware to live plants and glowing candles. Our goal is for you to walk through the door and feel at home like never before.

We love to meet new people and we’re very much here for you! Let’s chat.

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