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The 4 Most Common Questions Prospective Clients Ask Us (FAQs)

The 4 Most Common Questions Prospective Clients Ask Us (FAQs)

If you’re considering hiring us to help with your full-service interior design project, you probably have lots of questions. We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions here and of course, will be thrilled to answer any others along the way. We hope you find this helpful!

1) Your portfolio of work is very diverse. Where do you find inspiration for each project and how do I know if your “style” is a good fit for our home?

Each home in our portfolio is very different but so is each client associated to that home. We do not expect one style to fit each client. When designing, there are so many factors to take into consideration beyond just what is on trend. Our coastal-inspired designs are beautiful but also practical for the people living inside and what their life will hold. Inspiration comes first and foremost from being a mom, wife, and hostess. Beyond that, we draw inspiration from our beautiful coastal town and the colors that adorn our evenings on the boat. Finally we draw the design inspiration from each client and what their dreams are. One of the highest compliments we have received was “this was better than I dreamed it would be.”
kitchen table with hanging lamp

2) You offer “full service” but what does that mean and what can I expect that to look like?

We offer full service in both the design and the implementation. On the design front, this means that we’ll leave no stone unturned. We’ll take into consideration your lifestyle and what fabrics should be used. We’ll space plan so that your space feels cozy yet spacious enough for life. We’ll consider the finish of the kitchen pendants as well as your master bathroom sconces so there is not uniformity but cohesion. We’ll accessorize at the install so you are not left with a to-do list at the end.
When it comes to the actual implementation,  we will recommend reputable contractors, manage timelines, and gather bids for you. But don’t worry, we don’t hand off these hard-to-read contracts. We help you decipher and make decisions you will be happy with long term. We communicate often with both contractors and clients so everyone is on the same page and serve as the contractor’s point of contact. You have trusted us and hired us to be the expert. You have a full life with lots coming at you and we are here to take it off your plate. We strive to make the whole process less of a burden and more of a joy.
lindsey cheek of gathered interior design fluffing pillows

3) How do you communicate with clients?

As mentioned above, we pride ourselves on lots of communication throughout our process. We often send emails with the intent to leave a “paper trail” but we are quick to pick up the phone to discuss anything in more detail. If possible, our initial meetings are in person. We strongly value our working relationship with all of our clients, so we communicate often as possible and necessary.
double vanity bathroom with two sinks

4) Will you help me budget? How do you prioritize items within that budget?

We require a budget prior to the beginning of a project. We have found that usually one person thinks there is a “very firm budget” while another thinks there is “no real set number.” We find it is best for everyone to be on the same page prior to beginning so there are no surprises. While a project may grow in scope, and therefore budget, during the course we are happy to help you with an initial budget. We base this on past projects that are similar in scope and scale. Each client has a different priority in their home. One client might choose a custom dining nook to maximize comfortable seating for guests. Another may want the impact of wallpaper in most rooms, rather than just the powder room. We take each of these preferences and priorities into consideration and help you budget the home overall rather than by item or room. We see the house as a whole and therefore your budget as a whole too.
master bedroom with blue walls and wood floors
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