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Ask the Expert: Morgan Hutchinson of BURU

Ask the Expert: Morgan Hutchinson of BURU

Our next installment of “Ask the Expert” features the luminous, a clothing brand curated, styled and designed for the modern mother. She made a recent stop in Wilmington for a pop-up shop here at our studio and we so loved getting to know her.

Morgan Hutchinson, Founder of BURU, with her daughter

1) What does “BURU” mean and where did this inspiration for the name originate?

Strange as it may sound, BURU actually means to breastfeed in Mandarin. It’s the undercurrent of our brand. We were actually living in Beijing while I was pregnant with our first child, and we moved back to the States a few short weeks before she was born. Just two weeks after she arrived, I realized that very little of my wardrobe  worked for motherhood. I needed washable, transitional and easy access styles…and I needed them to be fashionable! When I couldn’t find an easy resource for all of the above, the idea for BURU was born. The name came easy as a tribute to our time in Beijing and our “Made in China” baby.

2) When your whole day is on the go with children what are 3 go-to staples?

I feel like I can never own enough white button down shirts. They are my fashion life line. I love a good day-to-night skirt too, like our Circle Skirts that look just as cute with heels as with sneakers.  And speaking of sneakers—I love a colorful, whimsy pair that has some lift (aka a platform or wedge)!

3) As a wife, a mom, a friend, an entrepreneur, and so much more what are you top 2 tips for self care?

Mine are pretty simple and sweet, and at this phase of life—all I can squeeze in: Prayers and Date Nights. Making time for both is key to my survival.

4) Who is your ultimate style inspiration?

Any woman who dresses for herself. How inspiring to see a women wearing exactly what makes her feel good!

5) Where is home base for you? Where will you be brunching on Mother’s Day?

We live in Los Angeles. Life has been a little chaotic of late, but I imagine that we will brunch somewhere by the sea! Fingers crossed!

6) What does “Vive le Mère” mean?

Long Live the Mother! Our Mère movement is dedicated to all the hardworking, hustling mamas out there. While celebrating mothers, each piece sold also gives back to our non-profit partner Bring Change to Mind.

7) What is Bring Change to Mind and why did you decide to partner with this organization?

Bring Change to Mind is a non-profit based in San Francisco on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness.  As an outspoken sufferer of bipolar myself, I believe strongly in normalizing the conversations around mental health. I’m so thrilled for BURU to partner with BC2M to help change the perception!

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