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Ask the Expert: Metro’s Other Woman

Ask the Expert: Metro’s Other Woman

Metro’s Other Woman

Sometimes (0ften!) you just need some extra help—someone to take a few tasks off of your plate. For this, we love Metro’s Other Woman. We sat down with Liz Williamson, owner of the Wilmington NC location, to find out more about their personal assistant services.

Q: What services do you offer? 

We offer weekly personal assisting programs to help clients manage their household needs (laundry, meal prepping, general organization).

Our specialty services include Organization projects, packing & unpacking, second home management, and errands.

Q: How can out of town clients utilize your services?

Our Second Home Management program is designed specifically to help take the hassle of managing your home from afar.

We have two monthly programs clients can choose from that include weekly house checks, vendor management, and winterization of the home.

We also can stock the fridge prior to arrival, prep before the guests arrive, and clean up after everyone leaves!  We want clients to start their vacation as soon as they arrive in town.

Q: How do most local clients utilize the services of Metro’s Other Woman? 

Local clients use our weekly personal assisting services to help keep their work-life balance in check. Our organization services are also a fan favorite!

Q: Favorite cleaning brand/ product?

We love ALL Squeak products!

Q: Tips/tricks for staying clean and organized in your own home?

We always suggest purging your home on a regular basis.

Maybe once a month you pick one room and see what items need to be donated, sold, or can be passed along to a friend.

This will also help you keep items in your home that you truly need or use, and it’s much easier to keep organized! We share amazing life-hacks on our Instagram, make sure to follow us @metrosotherwoman

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