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Custom Cabinetry in Wilmington, NC: The Essentials

Custom Cabinetry in Wilmington, NC: The Essentials

Cabinetry is a big investment…so what should you know before purchasing custom cabinets?

What are the best looking cabinet styles—according to a cabinet maker? What are some must-haves in every kitchen?

We sat down with Brandon of Brandon Parrow Cabinetmakers in Wilmington, NC to get the answers.

Q: What are three items every kitchen should have?

There are many key elements to a great kitchen but three of the more important are:

1. Functional storage for all of your food and cooking tools. A place for everything means less visual noise and clutter. In general, current trends in kitchen design dictate fewer items on the countertop—with small appliances tucked away when possible.

2. A dual-fuel range, which uses gas on the cooktop and electric in the oven. The gas flame cooktop is a must for rapid changes in heat and durability. An electric oven will be more reliable and precise for baking. It’s the best of both worlds.

3. Friends that like to eat and drink! A great kitchen comes alive when you get to share it.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Wilmington Nc Gathered Interior Design
Kitchen Design by Gathered

Q: In your opinion, what is the best-looking cabinet door front style for a kitchen? For a master bathroom? 

A flat panel door with applied moulding is the best looking door all-around for the kitchen or bath. 

I also like slab style oak doors with a ceruse finish. 

Q: What is your best advice to make a kitchen remodel less overwhelming?

You can make the process easier by doing your homework. Creating an idea folder on websites like Houzz and Pinterest will help the design team create the kitchen that you want.

With your budget in mind, make a list to rank what’s most important to you. Personally, I think it should be your cabinets! Your list may look something like this…

Rank the Following with Budget in Mind

Plumbing Fixtures

Q: Anything else to keep in mind? 

A kitchen re-model is a huge project for a family. It’s the busiest space in the home and the renovation can take between two and six months. There are also a lot of decisions to make, which can get overwhelming.

Choosing a time that will work for the renovation is key. Be realistic in your expectations. The project may take longer and cost more than you expected (Gathered can help come up with a realistic timeline and budget for what you have in mind!) but the ROI will outweigh the frustrations and inconveniences you will encounter.

Brandon Parrow Cabinetmakers is here to guide you through the process and make it great.

Q: How did Brandon Parrow Cabinetmakers get started? 

BPC started after I bought my first house in 1996. My parents helped me buy the house, then we hired a contractor to renovate.

The renovation process triggered my interest in construction. I decided to go back to school and work on an Architectural / Drafting degree. After graduating, I met a husband and wife builder team, Jim & Troy Kenny.

The Kennys had me build porches, decks, etc. Later on, they asked me to build a piece of furniture for their house. Looking back, that piece was rough and ugly… It took many years of studying and practicing the craft to evolve into where we are today!

Q: One thing we know that most people probably don’t is that you are a trained and professional chef! What is your favorite meal to make for your family?

It’s true, I was also a chef in another life. My culinary favorite for any season is smoking BBQ—Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Sausage, Pulled Pork.

Gathered Interior Design Custom Cabinets Kitchen 1
Kitchen Design by Gathered

Thinking about a new build or home renovation? The team at Gathered would love to work with you. Contact us to get started!

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