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Meet the Team: Angelena

Meet the Team: Angelena

We recently welcomed Angelena to our team as our newest junior designer. A 2019 graduate of West Virginia University, Angelena brings an amazing set of skills and a fresh perspective to our design approach. Beyond her technical expertise and eagle eye for good design, she’s also just about as sweet as they come. We’re incredibly happy to have her on board! Read on to learn more about her top picks.


Tell us three words to describe your style.

Eclectic, organic, modern

Favorite Travel Destination?


Top 3 dinner party guests?

My mom at age 22, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from “Stranger Things”) and Fez from “That ’70s Show

What do you always stock in your refrigerator?

Pickles, Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream

Favorite designers?

Karin Bohn, Sam Cram

Coffee or tea?


Go-to date night spot in Wilmington?

Indochine for dinner, The Blind Elephant for drinks, Blockade Runner – you can’t beat the ICWW for awesome sunset views!

Last great book you read?

Wounded by Love by Elder Porphyrios

Favorite fabric?

Anything by Galbraith and Paul

Name three things you can’t live without, excluding faith, family and friends.

1: A fresh set of nail polish like this one from Cote.

2: My dad’s handy man skills. He can truly fix anything.

3: Live music – nothing better!

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